Eleven year old Alexander was once a very sick baby and toddler and had difficulty with social interactions as a young child.  Through intensive nutritional work, Alexander has lost his diagnosis and regained his health.


Alexander’s many reoccurring ear infections were just the beginning of his issues.  He was always sick as a baby and toddler and soon began to exhibit symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome.
His mother always knew he was different but once she received the diagnosis, she was heartbroken and scared.  She knew she had to do something to help him.
His mother dived deep into the research and made changes to her son’s diet and daily routine, and soon these changes really paid off.   She saw great improvement in many areas–so much that it was almost like they had a different child.
Before long, the same school psychologist who “diagnosed” him said he didn’t see signs of Asperger’s in him anymore.
Alexander’s mother’s greatest hope is to help him become as healthy as possible which she knows will positively impact his mental and physical well being.
His mother says, “We can all use support with our kiddos and I simply want all our children to be healthy and happy.”
Do you want to see more children drop diagnoses?