“I believe symptoms are our guide; they’re not scary. The body is a beautiful organism that comes into perfect balance with good food, water, movement, healthy thoughts, and amazing herbs.”

–Stephanie Ray, BCN, CNHP, President/CEO of BIORAY

BIORAY | The Natural Detox Company

Founded in 1991

Chinese herbalism encompasses a simplicity, richness of history, and completeness as a system of healing. At BIORAY® we have married ancient Chinese medicine with science to bring you and your family clinically effective
liquid dietary supplements.

We use sustainably harvested organic herbs and sourced ingredients, giving our herbal extracts uncompromised quality. All of our formulas are produced in the
United States. This allows us to participate in all aspects of quality control; from traditional Chinese tincturing to our unique micronization process.

Bioray’s products have had positive results in the following intervention studies:

  • Improved Gastrointestinal Health with CytoFlora®
  • Heavy Metal & Chemical Detoxification using NDF® & NDF Plus®
  • Mitigation of Detox Irritations with Loving Energy® & Liver Life®
  • Decrease in Food Sensitivities with Liver Life®
  • BIORAY® is a member of American Herbal Products Association, a founding
    Family Grant Sponsor at Generation Rescue, and a proud partner and sponsor of
    Documenting Hope.