What is the CHIRP™ Study?

The CHIRP™ Study (Child Health Inventory for Resilience and Prevention) is part of the Documenting Hope Project and asks parents and caregivers to fill out an online survey from any computer.* Participants are asked questions about their family’s health and their child’s health.

What types of children are you looking for?

All types! We are looking to gather information about children from all over the country and all walks of life. We are surveying the families of healthy children, those with chronic health conditions and everyone in between.

What are the questions about?

Anything and everything that might influence a child’s health, including: family health history, developmental history, lifestyle, environment, nutrition, and more.

Will I get anything in return?

Yes! If you complete the survey you will receive a free personalized health report. This report is a tool that can be used by parents and doctors to help identify new ways to improve or support each child’s health and well being. It may be especially helpful for those parents looking to get to the “root cause” of their child’s health symptoms.  You will also receive a $50 eGiftcard to Amazon.com (for a limited time while supplies last) and access to a series of coupons and discounts from our partners.  Please see some of the special offers below.

Will my family’s privacy be protected?

Yes! We take privacy very seriously. Survey data is stored on a secure HIPAA-compliant platform and the study data will be de-identified for research purposes.  To learn how to enroll in the study please visit:
*CHIRP cannot be taken on a mobile device.

Additional questions can be directed to [email protected]