Catch Canary Kids at the Weston A Price Conference in Boston!Beth Lambert will be speaking about our Canary Kids Project at the Weston A. Price Foundation’s regional in conference in Boston on Sunday morning, September 21, 2014. We would LOVE for you to join her!

Here’s what her talk is about:
Through the “new childhood epidemics” (autism, ADHD/ADD, obesity, asthma, etc.) our children, “the canaries in the coal mine” of industrial society, are telling us that we must change the way we are living.

How are we to tackle this overwhelming, social, economic and human crisis?

Learn about a groundbreaking scientific and media initiative, The Canary Kids Project, and how its developers plan to raise awareness to this new epidemic and light a path toward a brighter, healthier future for our children. Short video screening included in talk.

There are also some compelling speakers on board for that weekend, like Sally Fallon Morrell, MA and Kaayla Daniel, PhD.

Early-bird registration ends on August 21st. Click here to register.