Jeremiah’s Intervention Program Begins

Jeremiah and his family have been participating in the FLIGHT™ Study for a number of months. Here is a short video where you can get to know a little more about Jeremiah and his wonderful family.

Jeremiah completed his baseline assessments and is now implementing a personalized intervention plan prepared by his local clinical team and the FLIGHT™ Study team. The FLIGHT™ intervention plans typically contain nutrition and lifestyle-related recommendations but may also contain personalized therapeutic interventions depending on any key areas of need identified by local clinicians. While Jeremiah and his family diligently follow their clinicians’ recommendations, the FLIGHT™ study is closely tracking and monitoring any impact they may have.

Above, Jeremiah’s mom and sister help to prepare a soil test to determine if there are any toxic contaminants in the soil where the family’s children play. This soil test came up clean!

At left, Jeremiah’s family received a donated air purifier from Austin Air Filters. Air and water filters may be an important addition to a family’s healthy home environment. Few think to test air, soil and water for contaminants, but these tests can be an invaluable way to identify any hidden toxic stressors in and around the home.

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