Klaire Labs

In 1969, plagued by severe allergies and environmental sensitivities, Claire Farr turned away from conventional medicine and toward a more holistic, natural approach to managing her health.

Nutrition being a key component, she soon discovered that commercially available supplements contained any number of synthetic additives and ingredients that she simply could not tolerate. So, with nothing but a passion to develop pure and potent nutraceuticals, she founded Klaire Labs. Little did she know then, that she would become a pioneer who earned the respect of the medical community and influenced the quality of an entire industry.

Today Soho Flordis International (SFI) is the parent company of Klaire Labs. Founded by two equally passionate entrepreneurs, SFI’s mission is to empower the responsible management of health through high quality, clinically proven nutritional supplements. The philosophical alignment with Claire’s founding principles is unmistakable. As such, SFI is unifying sister brands ProThera and Complementary Prescriptions under the Klaire Labs umbrella. Far beyond a symbolic gesture, the harmonization ensures that the entire product line is viewed through the Klaire Labs’ lenses of purity, potency, and performance. And that every formulation is optimized through the aspiration of achieving those goals.

We believe Claire Farr would be very proud.

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