Seeking FLIGHT™ Study Health Coach

Documenting Hope is Looking to Hire a Health Coach

Position Summary

The FLIGHT™ Study is seeking a Health Coach to provide support for a small number of study participant families. The Coach assists the families as they implement specific dietary changes, lifestyle changes and therapeutic activities that are part of Intervention Plans generated through the FLIGHT™ Study’s collaborative care process.

The Health Coach will be required to understand the FLIGHT™ study protocol, Participant Informed Consent Agreement and Participant Handbook. Health Coach must also understand the specific interventions provided in the intervention plan and follow a dynamic pace of communication with regard to ongoing study activities.

The position requires a minimum of weekly contact with each enrolled family, with a goal of one coaching session per week, as practical. Additionally, the health coach is required to provide regular updates to the research team about interactions with families and meet with the study’s Program Director weekly.

This is currently a limited, part-time position requiring approximately six hours per week, with increased hours required during the orientation period to achieve familiarity with study procedures. For details about the FLIGHT™ Study visit:

Specific Duties

  • Meet weekly with each family to be a sounding board for study activities and to actively query family about items in the intervention plans and the daily logs including:
    • Food (child’s meals, family mealtimes and meal prep)
    • Supplements
    • Sleep
    • Stool
    • School and activities
    • Therapeutics appointments
    • Home laboratory kits
    • Supplies that are expected (supplement shipments, provisions like air filter and mattress, etc.)
  • Monitor the families’ study responsibilities and help them comply with study expectations/program.
    • Remind the families to upload a video weekly and gently urge if they are not
    • Ensure families are filling out daily logs
    • Ensure completion of validated instruments at intervals
    • Ensure completion of CHIRP™ follow-up at intervals
    • Monitor family’s stress/overwhelm levels as they pertain to study expectations
  • Serve as a liaison between families and the Clinical Team
    • Review weekly logs – communicate status and/or changes via secure chat
    • Provide qualitative reports about the family via secure chat
    • Meet with Programs Director weekly to discuss topics pertaining to the family’s progress in the study
  • Stay apprised of study activities via Study’s secure communications platform

Skills and Knowledge Base

  • Experience working with parents on behalf of children
  • Experience with individualized nutrition needs in complex chronic illness
  • Familiarity with a diverse range of health and wellness practices
  • Some familiarity with the unique challenges of supporting children with chronic or developmental conditions
  • Excellent communications skills
  • Excellent organizational skills and facility with technology
  • Collaborative mindset
  • Must consider completing the Epidemic Answers Health Coach Training Program (provided free of charge)
  • Must have up to date Human Subject Research certification or complete a course during the orientation period

Experience and Education

Bachelor’s degree, and advanced nutrition and/or health coaching certification from an accredited institution; other relevant experiences will be considered. Interested candidates, please send a cover letter and resume to