Our Partners:

Epidemic Answers is dedicated to educating the public about the epidemic of chronic illness affecting the current generation of children and providing prevention and healing solutions for parents, caregivers and future parents.

Health Studies Collegium serves as a forum where scientists, health care practitioners, policy leaders and those interested in cost- and outcome-effective health care can share their visions and find a platform for their studies, commentary or projects.

The Higher Synthesis Foundation’s mission is to inspire, support, coordinate, and perform research about successful approaches to complex health and environmental problems, look for common features leading to successful outcomes, and disseminate these findings and analyses through the internet, media, books and scientific publications.

TRANSCEND’s mission is to generate new scientific evidence about neurodevelopmental disorders, using integrative brain and body research tool kits to shed light on real-life issues. neurodevelopmental disorders.

The Open Medicine Institute is thinking outside the box to apply a multi-disciplinary, “big data” approach to advance the understanding of “difficult” diseases and improve patient outcomes. OMI interacts with a large network of like-minded international collaborators — patients, independent physicians, academic centers, informatics groups, laboratories, industry, large health systems, and others.