One of the central features of the Documenting Hope project is the creation of a feature-length documentary film to be released following the completion of the Documenting Hope Recovery Program.

While we will be documenting the children’s recovery scientifically, we will also be documenting the stories of their journey to good health on film. Several of the children’s stories will be featured in the feature-length film, with the remainder of the stories being reserved for later-stage media projects.

About the Film

The film, titled Documenting Hope explores through the lens of children’s health, what we believe to be the defining issue of our times, namely unsustainable practices. The film reviews key health and environmental factors that may contribute to the epidemic of childhood chronic illness but also demonstrates with hope that, even where obstacles are present, children can recover from conditions as varied as asthma and autism by stepping outside the existing health care paradigm. Documenting Hope takes a bold look at the health and welfare of children in this country as it follows several families on their journeys to recovery and wellness.

The core message of the film is presented through personal stories, vignettes, expert interviews, edited clips from public speakers and short computer animations. The core content of the film is the footage of families/children in recovery from diagnosed conditions like autism, ADHD, and asthma.