Introducing Chef Lance Roll and his company,  The Flavor Chef.

Chef Lance is on a mission “to help heal the planet 1 GI tract at a time”

The Flavor Chef adheres to the ancient proclamation “let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.”

We know that 80 percent of our immune system is located in the gut.

The gastrointestinal tract, aka: “G.I. tract” is the foundation for your health. Quality bone broth helps you to “heal and seal” the gut, helps you then to absorb the nutrients in your food to boost your immune system. The high gelatin/collagen of his bone broth also neutralizes intestinal pathogens, by Supporting the Micro biome and By creating Natural harmony within your entire Intestinal track put simply, it heals your gut.

This is why our trademark states “Broth is good for you, Promotes a healthier you!”

The Flavor Chef’s Bone Broth’s Keys to Quality include:

  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Made with Palomar Mountain Spring Water (guarantees absolute purity and is the only broth anywhere made with Spring water)  
  • Made in small artesian crafted Batches (using slow cooked methods)

Note: Traditional cooking is the root of how we can use food as medicine. By simmering the broth 18 hours in small batches, it means higher quality control and extraction of all those nutrients found in the bones. This provides nutrient dense bio-available forms of collagen, gelatin, amino acids and minerals.

  • Lab Analyzed for Nutritional values
  • Tested and free of heavy metals
  • Tested and free from Microbial Contaminants
  • Verified Non GMO Bones
  • Sustainably sourced Ingredients
  • Super delicious
  • Absolutely no preservatives, chemicals or additives or extracts
  • Very low sodium
  • The Flavor Chef Offers 7 Products:
    • Chicken Bone broth (18 hours)
    • AIP Chicken bone Broth
    • AIP Beef Bone Broth
    • AIP Chicken Bone broth soup gently infused with Ginger, Lemon Mint and Coconut milk (absolutely delicious)
    • 2 hour short cook chicken Meat Broth: Formulated for the GAPS phase 1 protocol *** note this is the only commercially available product of its kind****
    • Vegetarian option
    • Vegan “no” bone broth: rocking roots, vegetables and herbs

The Flavor Chef and his original Brothery are here to serve the Documenting Hope community and others  seeking health and healing though traditional  healing modalities and nutritionally-based healing protocols.