Become a Documenting Hope Ambassador!

What does Documenting Hope do?

While Documenting Hope is performing cutting edge research to elucidate the connection between the environment and children’s health problems, we are also teaching parents and practitioners how to unwind these problems and to help children get healthy again! 

This means we do a lot of education and outreach. We offer hope to parents and caregivers, but we also offer solutions!  Some of the solutions we offer include:

  • A comprehensive library of healing resources at
  • Healing Together, a private online community where parents can learn how to heal their child and feel supported throughout their journey
  • Annual Conferences to bring parents and practitioners together to heal more kids
  • Healing education delivered via newsletters, webinars, social media and more.

To reach as many families as possible, we need your help!

What does Documenting Hope believe?

We believe…

  • That too many of our kids today are sick and suffering.
  • That healing our kids is possible, and that their bodies truly want to heal.
  • That every child is unique, and their path to healing will be, too.
  • That stories are sacred and are not to be judged, criticized, or politicized in any way.
  • That healing means helping a child be who they are meant to be.
  • That parents know their kids best and must be the ones to lead their healing journey.
  • In hope, community, and thriving kids.
If you believe in these things too, we think you’d make a great Ambassador for our organization!

What does a Documenting Hope Ambassador do?

Step 1: Learn about our organization and our goals.

For this, we encourage you to set up a 1-to-1 video call with our Director of Community Development to learn more about us and what we offer parents and practitioners.  

Step 2: Learn the ways you can get involved.  
  Here are some ideas:
  • Comment and share our posts on social media.  We are always putting out incredibly valuable and free information about health and healing to the public.  Sometimes a “like” or “share” can go a long way!
  • Help us find donors and volunteers.  We are a grassroots organization without the support of a big academic institution or special interests. We don’t get government funding or large grants from corporations with deep pockets, so there is no agenda influencing our science.  To maintain this status, we need lots of helpers!
  • Hold a fundraiser or educational meet up: Tap your friends, hold a fundraiser or “friendraiser” in your town or spread the message virally on the internet! 
  • Help us grow our community.  Have some ideas about how we can grow our email list or social media following or just connect to people who care? We’re all ears!
Step 3: Make it personal. 

Every ambassador that supports our work brings unique talents, skillsets, passion and purpose.  Offer your support in a way that feels right to you!  Not a big fundraiser? No problem, maybe your goal could be to help us get 1000 new email sign ups.  Not big on social media? No problem, you can help us network in your community –maybe hold a friendraising event to expand and grow our community.  Whatever feels right to you, we can use your help!


Ready to become an ambassador? Great! Reach out to us at