My Spectrum Heroes

My Spectrum Heroes™ was created to provide a trusted resource for support, education, and empowerment of parents, caregivers, clinicians, and anyone who serves a loved one with autism, ADHD, and/or neurocognitive challenges.

My Spectrum Heroes™ was created to provide a trusted resource for support, education, and empowerment of parents, caregivers, clinicians, and anyone who serves a loved one with autism, ADHD, and/or neurocognitive challenges.

My Spectrum Heroes™ is committed to improving the health, learning, behavior, and neurocognitive function of individuals with autism and/or ADHD by providing only the highest quality nutritional support products that have been selectively formulated based on scientific studies, clinical trials, and evidence-based research. With contributions from some of the most innovative scientists, doctors, and researchers, My Spectrum Heroes™ is dedicated to becoming a valuable source of information and resources for autism, ADHD, and Neurocognitive impairment. 

Their vision is to transform the current medical model of treatment for neurocognitive challenges to one that recognizes the benefits and amazing clinical outcomes that occur from supporting the body’s biochemistry with the nutrients it needs to function properly. Getting to the root cause of health issues, not just masking symptoms, should be the focus and the best place to start is by supporting the body’s nutritional needs. My Spectrum Heroes™ is dedicated to providing safe and effective nutritional solutions of the highest quality.

Meet the My Spectrum Heroes Founder

Denise Voight, MS is a Clinical Nutritionist with a Masters of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine specializing in Nutritional Intervention for autism spectrum disorder and ADHD. She is an expert in applying scientifically proven food and nutrition therapies to improve health, learning, and behavior in children with ASD and ADHD.

Denise is committed to being a part of the new paradigm shift in medicine, placing the emphasis and importance of nutrition in the forefront. Her passion for studying nutritional biochemistry for the past 20 years emerged from her own son’s struggle with ADHD. Using a Functional Medicine approach to healing his gut and identify food intolerances changed their lives and drove Denise to pursue her career as a Functional Medicine Nutritionist where she uses her expertise and compassion to help educate, empower, and support families affected by autism and ADHD.

When working with families, one thing that Denise often encountered was the challenge to get kids to eat foods that would provide the nutrients necessary to repair the commonly seen biochemical imbalances and nutrient deficiencies. She would recommend nutritional supplements to help bridge those nutritional gaps, but it would often require combining many different supplements to get the therapeutic doses necessary and could add up to 100s of dollars very quickly.

High-quality nutraceuticals made specifically for children, with the combination of ingredients in the proper bioavailable forms, and that would not contain ingredients that could aggravate autism or ADHD symptoms proved to be very difficult and very expensive for families. So Denise made it her mission to develop a line of superior nutritional support supplements that would provide these vitally necessary nutrients and make them available to all families, even those who don’t have access to specialty doctors who carry therapeutic supplements.