The Eczema Company

At 3 years of age, Jennifer Roberge’s son was covered head-to-toe with eczema. No one was sleeping well – neither her son, who was too busy scratching his itchy skin, nor herself or her husband, who each had to take turns sleeping with their son in attempts to stop the scratching.

Jennifer was so desperate to find a way to help find relief for her son. After much frustration, teary days, countless therapies, skin creams and dietary changes, Jennifer’s son finally improved. But healing in this case didn’t happen with conventional medicine and it didn’t happen overnight. This kind of long term healing takes lifestyle changes and lots of time.

When Jennifer saw her son’s skin improve by 95% using natural treatments, she wanted to scream about it from the roof tops and to help other parents going through the difficulties of managing their own children’s eczema. So Jennifer started her blog, It’s an Itchy Little World, to do just that: to share her experiences and successes with as many as would listen. Jennifer also started The Eczema Company to help make all these natural eczema treatments more easily available to parents as well as adults suffering with the skin disease. She remembers literally searching the world for the best products and trying just about anything to find relief. Luckily she was able to find answers for her son via natural means and has made them available at her store.

Just what worked for Jennifer’s son? She said it was a result of a few years’ worth of trial and error, but generally there were 6 key things.

  • Identifying triggers – In her son’s case, it was mostly food related. So they identified his key food triggers via an Eczema Elimination Diet.
  • Preventing scratching with things like ScratchMeNot sleeves, protected his skin from scratch wounds and allowed his skin to heal overnight.
  • Wet Wrapping – When her son’s skin was super inflamed, red, dry and itchy, nothing provided fast relief like wet wraps. It’s a bit intense, but it works wonders. Learn more about wet wrap therapy.
  • Supplements – Jennifer tried a mix of homeopathy with immune balancers that seemed to work best for her son. This one is tough though because the best supplements will significantly from person to person. Some other supplements that tend to work well for many with eczema are fish oils and probiotics.
  • Laundry modifications – Detergents weren’t a trigger for her son, but even natural detergents seemed to aggravate his skin, so they moved to laundry detergent alternatives like soap nuts and laundry balls.
  • Natural skincare – Most drug store creams, besides containing a host of chemicals that can only aggravate eczema, also contain forms of alcohol. Jennifer found that ANY product containing alcohol burned her son’s skin and had him running for the hills to avoid “cream time.” She found balms were better because they generally are made without alcohol and the ingredients were much more soothing and natural without all the fillers and preservatives. Jennifer’s favorite skin product actually has a touch of water, so it’s technically a cream without alcohol or other bad stuff. Her whole family adores the Organic Manuka Skin Soothing Cream.

You can read more about exactly what worked for Jennifer’s son in Natural Eczema Remedies: What Worked for My Son.

If you’d like to read more about her son’s battle with eczema, check out her post here.

And to remind all the kids with eczema out that there that eczema does NOT define them, have a peek at this cute little music video made to give kids a sense of empowerment over their skin condition.