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Integrative Physicians Rana Mafee, MD and Madiha Saeed, MD and Health Coach Tamara Ortegel teaching their community about Documenting Hope and the promise of integrative medicine

DH_FacebookBadges_ProfessionalAre you a practitioner of integrative, functional or holistic medicine?  Would you like to support the Documenting Hope Project in your practice and your community?  If so, please join the Documenting Hope Project as a Professional Partner.  Our Professional Partners serve as ambassadors for the Documenting Hope Project in their communities.

Please help us spread the word that KIDS CAN GET BETTER and help raise funds in your practice and your community to support the Documenting Hope Project.  Together we can speed the transition from a sick-care system to a true well-care system.

Join the Documenting Hope Project Professional Partner Program and we will send you a getting-started kit in the mail.

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Questions:  Email Director of Partnerships Helen Conroy at [email protected]