About Our Research

The Documenting Hope Project involves several important research studies:


The CHIRP™ Study is an IRB-approved study featuring the most comprehensive pediatric survey of children’s health, growth and development in the context of the modern world – a place with innumerable toxic and unhealthy influences.

This study seeks to better understand the impact of the totality of modern living on children’s health.

With this information in hand, we plan to raise public awareness, impact policy, and inspire the creation of new solutions to protect our children’s health and future.

The survey is administered online in a secure cloud platform and is completed by the parent or guardian of the child. The CHIRP™ study has enrolled over 1400 parents since its launch in 2018 and continues to enroll new participants.

Preliminary findings were first presented at a conference of medical and scientific professionals in 2020 and results will continue to be published into 2021 and beyond.


There is a vast body of anecdotal evidence indicating that children with chronic conditions such as ADHD, asthma, autism, autoimmune diseases and more can fully recover, but almost no prospective research documents this. If the FLIGHT™ Study replicates what so many of us have seen–that children can lose their chronic illness diagnoses–this will provide proof-of-principle evidence that chronic and developmental diagnoses do not have to be life sentences.

The FLIGHT™ Study builds upon the CHIRP™ Study as a foundation for capturing clinical data over time to test the hypothesis that comprehensive personalized lifestyle interventions will result in symptom abatement, improved health and potentially full disease reversal. The study tracks individual participants through 18 months of lifestyle interventions personalized to their needs.

The full study aims to enroll up to 14 children with chronic health or developmental conditions. The study will be filmed and the results shared with the public.

Participating children will receive:

  • Systematic assessment of stressors, exposures and risk factors using our CHIRP™ survey
  • Detailed high-quality tests and assessments to track change over time in multiple levels of function, carefully chosen and timed to minimize burden on the child and family
  • Supervision of care by a primary clinician along with input from a team of experts, including a family health coach
  • Comprehensive approach that considers genetic, environmental, and epigenetic factors that underlie symptoms
  • Oversight by scientific and clinical experts with long-cultivated breadth and depth of experience relevant to mitigation, abatement and resolution of illness
  • Green, highest quality, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic products and complete diet and nutritional support