Community Participation Partners

Join the CHIRP™ Study community participation program and get answers for your community

Community-based organizations or grassroots leaders with an interest in children’s health, environmental health, environmental justice and other related issues may enroll in the Documenting Hope Community Participation Program. 

As a “Community Participant,” the enrolled organization or leader will be able to obtain access to A Community-based Comparison Report, a top-level CHIRP™ Study data analysis report that compares your community to the full CHIRP™ data set.

The analysis may include rates of diagnoses, most commonly reported health symptoms, most commonly reported health exposures/stressors and similar items. This report may provide valuable support for community leaders looking to document the health impact of environmental exposures.

How Do I Become A Community Participant?

First, Community Participants must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a civil, community-based, not-for-profit, educational or service-oriented organization or be an individual willing to organize a large group of members of your community
  • Must have access to a membership list or community group of greater than 50 members, or access to a network of more than 50 people who are parents of children between the ages of 1-15
  • Must be willing to recruit individual participants for the CHIRP™ Study from within your community using pre-approved CHIRP™ Recruitment materials
  • Must be willing to facilitate the completion of  a set number of CHIRP™ surveys.

To learn more or to join the program, please contact Study Administrator, Beth Lambert at 

IMPORTANT:  Personally identifiable information will not be included in any report or communications between the Community Participant and the Documenting Hope Research Team.