Documenting Hope Cited in “Autism Rates Surge: Beyond Genetics and Diagnosis” Article

Beth Lambert, founder of Documenting Hope, was cited in Joel Warsh MD’s article entitled “Autism Rates Surge: Beyond Genetics and Diagnosis” in The Epoch Times on June 4, 2024. In the article, Dr. Warsh wondered why the medical community isn’t questioning the significant increase in autism rates. In addition, he noted that when parents make diet and lifestyle changes for their children with autism, the children often experience dramatic changes and sometimes lose their diagnosis. At this point, he quoted Beth Lambert:

Beth Lambert, director of Documenting Hope, shared insights from her extensive experience. “For fifteen years, we have been documenting cases of children who have completely lost their autism diagnoses. While certain genetics might make these children more vulnerable to developing autism, it is the diet, lifestyle, and therapeutic choices made by these families that help them overcome these genetic vulnerabilities and lose the symptoms that we call autism.”

Despite these remarkable outcomes, the concept of reversing autism is seldom discussed. The prevailing discourse primarily frames autism as a neurological spectrum condition that is not to be cured. Ms. Lambert points out, “Cases of full autism reversal have been documented in the medical literature, but this phenomenon has not yet made its way into most medical practices.

“We just recently published an important paper about a set of twins who reversed their autism diagnoses by utilizing a comprehensive diet, lifestyle, and personalized therapeutic approach—the same approach taught by Documenting Hope,“ Ms. Lambert said. ”Our goal is to teach this approach to parents and practitioners so more children can overcome the most challenging symptoms associated with autism.”


Dr. Warsh went on to say that by empowering parents and clinicians to view autism as a multifactorial disorder that can be addressed with environmental and lifestyle changes, we can aim to improve the outcomes of children with autism. You can find his article here.


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