FLIGHT™ Study Registration

The purpose of this research study is to observe, document, and analyze a model of care that parents report to have been successful in addressing many chronic childhood health conditions.  This model is centered around taking a comprehensive approach to supporting a child’s health needs.

The FLIGHT™ Study uses an approach that is rooted in “Total Load” Theory. “Total Load” Theory suggests that the cumulative impact, or buildup, of negative health influencers (illness, toxins, diet, trauma, etc.) decreases a child’s ability to stay healthy.

The approach used in the FLIGHT™ Study involves reducing a child’s “Total Load” by identifying and removing inputs and exposures that might be harmful to health while at the same time supporting health in a personalized way.

The FLIGHT™ study is not a clinical trial (which is a study where scientists might test a treatment like a drug to see if it helps symptoms) or a test to see if any one treatment helps reduce symptoms of chronic illness. 

Instead, we are looking to see if children’s health will improve from a whole program that gives them a combination of healthy lifestyle changes and personalized care from carefully chosen local health practitioners. 

The FLIGHT™ Study involves:
  • Replicating the type of approach that we have seen yield striking outcomes, in a carefully structured research setting.
  • Providing the participants with a series of baseline and follow-up assessments (such as lab tests) over an 18-month period, to learn as much about each participant as possible and help inform the parents’ health decision making.
  • Exploring how clinical experts from different disciplines and with differing expertise can work best together to help one child.
  • Documenting participants’ experiences through a variety of media for research and educational purposes.

Families interested in enrolling their child in the FLIGHT™ Study must first have participated in the CHIRP Study and go through a rigorous screening process.

How do I see if my child is eligible to participate in the FLIGHT™ Study?

The FLIGHT™ Study will open for enrollment later this year.  Sign up for our updates and newsletters to be notified when the FLIGHT™ Study is recruiting participants.