Meet Jeremiah, the Second Participant in the FLIGHT™ Study

Meet Jeremiah and his family, the second participants in the Documenting Hope FLIGHT™ Study.

Jeremiah is 7 years old, plays all kinds of sports and likes to use his scooter and hang out with neighborhood friends. He has an older brother, Alex, and a younger sister, Abby, and lives with his mom and dad, Alicia and James.

Jeremiah has been diagnosed with alopecia universalis, an autoimmune condition that causes complete loss of hair on the scalp and the body.   

Before the family begins their FLIGHTStudy program in earnest, they must complete a variety of baseline validated instruments (standardized surveys, questionnaires, etc.) to establish his cognitive and developmental status.

Once those surveys are completed, the family receives an orientation to the FLIGHT™ Study where they learn about the different types of tests and assessments that will be given including laboratory tests (using body specimens like urine, stool, saliva, blood) as well as clinical assessments (visits to different kinds of doctors and clinicians).  

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