Seeking Program Associate

Documenting Hope is Looking to Hire a Program Associate

Position Summary: The Documenting Hope Program Associate provides direct support for all Research Activities, with the primary responsibility of supporting and facilitating the work of the Program Director in regard to the smooth day-to-day operation of the CHIRP™ and FLIGHT™ Studies. This work includes, but is not limited to software management, transdisciplinary communication, logistics, scheduling and coordinating research activity, and participant management. The Program Associate will also be asked to provide some administrative support for areas outside of the CHIRP™ and FLIGHT™ Studies as needed by Epidemic Answers.

Research Program Support:

  • Provide administrative, logistical or other program-related support for the Documenting Hope CHIRP™ and FLIGHT™ studies or related research of  Documenting Hope/Epidemic Answers.
  • Utilize software programs and activities utilized for research purposes including but not limited to Momentiv, Keap, MS365 Programs (such as SharePoint), DocuSign, others.
  • Execute study procedures which includes: collecting forms from study participants, organizing study data, study material or study related communications, verifying consent documents, etc.
  • Support the CHIRP™ and FLIGHT™ Screening and Selection Processes
  • Help manage study participants as they move through the research requirements, including obtaining and signing consent forms, accessing study materials, completing study activities, etc. Tracking and monitoring study participants in software systems is a key part of this responsibility.
  • Daily checks of participant and professional sites and communication channels
  • Filing and managing study related documents
  • Communicate essential information from study participants or professional participants to the appropriate Documenting Hope Team members
  • Perform research or due diligence activities required by the studies. This may include sourcing products, services, information or other research necessities.
  • Provide administrative, logistic, and communications support for the Program Director, Medical Director and others involved in the clinical aspects of the FLIGHT™ Study.

On occasion the Program Associate may be asked to temporarily fulfill other duties and roles as required by the organization. Weekly hours may shift depending on the roles played.


Skills, Knowledge Base and Experience

  • Basic knowledge of MS365 applications, Survey Monkey, Keap, Smartsheet, or willingness to learn; interest in learning new software programs as needed
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Comfortable with managing multiple tasks and projects
  • Flexibility and responsiveness; able to shift with the needs of a small but dynamic organization
  • Independently driven and able to work autonomously
  • Flexible, work-from-home hours but must be available for regular weekday working hour requests from the team
  • Excellent writing and communications skills
  • Experience and Education: BA/BS or similar, some experience (personal or professional) in holistic/integrative health is desired and previous experience working in an administrative or support role

Part-Time Considerations: This position is currently part-time, starting at 15 hours with the potential to move to 25 hours depending on responsibilities and the evolving needs of the Documenting Hope Research Studies.

Salary: TBD based on experience, available hours and responsibilities.

Interested parties should send a resume and cover letter to Executive Director, Beth Lambert