Study: Many small stressors add up to cause big health problems

In 2018, The Documenting Hope Project opened enrollment for the CHIRP™ Study which features the most comprehensive pediatric survey of children’s health, growth and development in the context of the modern world – a place with innumerable
toxic and unhealthy influences. Preliminary findings seem to point to a validation of the “total load” hypothesis. This theory posits that the current epidemic of chronic conditions in children is caused by a complex, cumulative and synergistic web of life and environmental “stressors.” In short, this study seeks to better understand the impact of the totality of modern living on children’s health, growth and development.

We are gathering compelling evidence that demonstrates the importance of the following types of activities to the health and vitality of children and families:

  • Having access to clean, filtered water
  • Eating organic food
  • Using non-toxic personal and home care products
  • Sleeping on non-toxic bedding
  • Limiting screen-time and exposure to cell phones/tablets
  • Limiting artificial colors and preservatives and junk food
  • And more.

We continue to recruit more participants and analyze data as it becomes available. Won’t you consider participating in the CHIRP™ Study? 

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