The Invisible Health Hazard That Is Easy to Miss

Electromagnetic radiation!

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is often dismissed as not a “real” health threat, despite a growing body of scientific evidence demonstrating that even low levels of exposure to electrical fields can contribute to conditions as varied as cancer, autoimmunity and even miscarriage.

The most common sources of EMR include microwave radiation from Wi-Fi in homes and buildings, computers, cell phones, smart appliances, smart meters (check your home to see if you have a smartmeter!), electric vehicles like Teslas, and electrical wiring in homes that has not been properly grounded or installed.

Exposure to EMR from home or building wiring is colloquially known as “dirty electricity.” Dirty electricity is electrical energy that emanates out from wiring in the walls and can increase the voltage exposure in living spaces.

Evaluating EMR in the FLIGHT™ Study Hits Home

Each family enrolled in the FLIGHT™ Study has their home evaluated by a certified Building Biologist and Home Environmental Health experts.

In each of the homes evaluated as part of the FLIGHT™ Study, we found harmful EMR or EMF (electromagnetic frequency) exposures, and both families were advised to reduce exposures by:

  • Hard wiring (not feasible for most)
  • Unplugging/turning off Wi-Fi enabled smart devices/appliances when not in use
  • Unplugging/turning off Wi-Fi routers in the evenings when everyone is sleeping. (If you are not currently doing this, you should consider at least turning your router off at night. This is an easy action to take if you plug your router into an electrical timer device—less than $10).

For Jeremiah’s family, the study’s environmental consultant came across an incredible electrical field finding that offered a strong clue about why Jeremiah might have suddenly started to lose his hair in clumps (what would be diagnosed as alopecia universalis) when he was three years old.

In this case, we’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill EMF exposure from cell phones, tablets or Wi-Fi. Instead, it was electrical fields caused by faulty wiring in the walls of the home.

The consultant hired to perform the assessment for Jeremiah identified an electrical issue in his bedroom during the baseline home assessment. Watch the video below to see the finding captured on video in real time!

The consultant evaluated the level of electrical fields on and near the boy’s bed. He used a sophisticated meter called an to take readings in a grid pattern on his bed. The closer the meter was to the wall, the higher the reading. With this meter, a level considered “of extreme concern” (for cancer and other serious conditions) is 10 (units of volts per meter). In Jeremiah’s bedroom, and specifically where his head was at night, the reading was 52! The readings on the bed near the wall got as high as 68 — over 6 times the limit already considered to be extreme!

In doing a little detective work with Jeremiah’s health history, it was discovered that he started losing his hair shortly after his baby sister was born. This was the time when he moved into his own big-boy bed in his own bedroom –the same bedroom with the electrical field exposure. While a condition like alopecia universalis is unlikely to be caused by any one thing alone, this was certainly a major stressor on his body. We can never be sure, but this may well have been “the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

Once this dangerous electrical field was discovered, the immediate remedy was to cut off eight circuits controlling the electricity upstairs in the home in order to effectively eliminate the problem in Jeremiah’s room. For a period of time, the family was cutting those circuits every single night, and switching them back on in the daytime if needed.

The NTA 1000 will pick up issues that, sadly, consumer devices like the Trifield cannot even register.

Because cutting the power to eight different circuits every single night was not a good long-term solution (they had to go down into the basement every night and turn off switches at the breaker), the environmental consultant recommended some other options. One of them was an EMF Safe Cut-Off Switch that could be installed in the basement, next to the existing electrical panel. It would be set up to address the eight impacted circuits such that those could be shut off with a remote-control device when needed.

Because this was a very expensive option, the family opted instead to move Jeremiah’s bed into the middle of the room, which reduces his exposure to the electrical fields coming from the walls. The readings in the center of the room are now much safer.

Other EMR mitigation steps taken in the home included:

  • Shutting off Wi-Fi at night
  • Shut off switches for TV and other smart devices in the family’s living room
  • Turned off Alexa devices in the children’s rooms

In the meantime, because the FLIGHT™ Study uses a 360-degree and whole-child approach, extra steps were taken to ensure that Jeremiah would have enough nutritional support to help combat the extra oxidative stress experienced by that kind of exposure.

Lowering Total Load/Raising Eyebrows…and Eyelashes!!

What happened next? Almost immediately after the electrical field exposure was removed, Jeremiah began waking up in an improved mood each morning, with more energy and an upbeat attitude. He used to wake up not feeling refreshed and felt moody or cranky (no wonder!). Jeremiah’s parents both noticed the change in him and were really glad!

Then, several weeks later, Jeremiah’s mom began noticing the growth of tiny hairs coming in as eyelashes and eyebrows. This is the first time they had seen any hair on his body since he was three years old. Jeremiah continues to show growth of tiny wispy hairs on his eyelashes and eyebrows and even the very beginnings of growth on his head.

There are usually multiple factors that contribute to any kind of autoimmune condition, and it usually takes multiple levels of healing support (nutrition, detoxed environment, fresh air and sunshine, nervous-system regulation and more!). Jeremiah’s family was also doing many other things to support his health at this time. However, it seems clear that this electrical field exposure was a major factor for Jeremiah. His family bravely continues the FLIGHT Study with the hope of even more healing progress.

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