What’s in Your Water (and Air and Soil…)? FLIGHT™ Study Environmental Assessments

As part of the FLIGHT™ Study, each family is visited by certified industrial hygienists or environmental consultants to identify any potential environmental and health hazards in and around their home.

Soil Testing

A soil sample and a water sample are taken to determine if there are any toxins or contaminants in the family’s water or soil near their home.

Seen here, Ty’s family takes soil samples to assess the safety of soil around the family’s home. The FLIGHT™ Study used Rx Soil to assess what toxins might be present in the soil.

While many wouldn’t think to test the soil around the home, there are some communities that harbor hidden dangers in the soil due to previous industrial land use, agricultural or pesticide use, or even the use of things like toxic coal ash, often used as landfill to build housing communities in the 1990s.

Water Testing

The FLIGHT™ study requires a comprehensive analysis of the water in each family’s home. Tests look for the presence of heavy metals and other toxic elements that often go undetected both in well and municipal water sources.

EMF Testing

The environmental consultants also look for EMF exposures, toxin exposures, mold and more. Seen here, in the left image below, an EMF meeting reading whether or not the family’s “smart” oven puts out unsafe levels of EMF. Environmental consultants typically bring lots of sophisticated meters and equipment.

Air Testing

The FLIGHT™ Study also looks at the air quality in a home and looks for acute air quality issues (such as a gas leak) as well as longer term or more persistent hazardous exposures such mold, volatile organic compounds and other silent dangers lurking in a home. (Please see the image above on the right.)

Through a collaboration with Dr. Heather Stapleton of Duke University the FLIGHT™ study is participating in an environmental contaminant analysis that can be captured via a silicone wristband worn by our participants and family members.

Stay tuned to find out what may be lurking in the air that you don’t even know about!

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