How Dominic Lost His Autism Symptoms

Watch the video and read below to learn what Dominic’s mom did to help him heal.

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Here are the top 5 things Dominic’s mom did to help him overcome his autism diagnosis.

Adopted a Nutritional Approach

Implemented the GAPS Diet created by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, specifically focusing on stages 1 and 2 as detailed in The Gut Healing Guide

Incorporated many organic, whole-food supplements such as fermented cod liver oil, bacopa, fish oil, and broccoli sprouts into Dominic’s diet to nourish his body and support healing.

Created a Toxin-Free Environment

Extensively detoxified our home by replacing flame-retardant mattresses, switching to natural laundry detergents, and opting for non-toxic cleaning supplies, striving for a chemical-free living space as much as possible.

Elevated My Own Emotional Well-Being

Prioritized self-healing and self-care to elevate my own emotional frequency, with a focus on experiencing more joy, peace, and love, which in turn positively impacted Dominic’s environment.

Cultivated Unwavering Belief

Held a strong belief in Dominic’s capacity to heal, my ability to assist him, and had unwavering faith in the healing process.

Refined Communication Techniques

Altered my language to foster a more supportive interaction; for instance, saying “be kind to yourself” instead of “stop hitting yourself” and “speak softly” instead of “stop screaming.”

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